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Jan,20 Exciting news update. TheGuardian has gracefully agreed to review the code base with a view to bringing in his improvements into the new UI. All going well this branch will hopefully include

  • Twitter notifications
  • magasine search
  • improved configurations
  • optimised UI workflow to the Herman-Rodgers UI

And a shout out to nncrypted for bring forth changes and enhancement patches also.

Thanks folks, because I was going cross-eyed trying to bring in the huge volume of changes you both have added to the original branch over a new UI.

To all other contributors - Patches are gratefully received espically when they can be auto merged :).

Thanks - DobyTang

Drive for this year is unit test expansion New Features Stability

Dec 2013

Back after a hectic 6 months, apologies for the late update of branch back to master. Thats now complete.

Notice a few forks from the branches, happy to facilitate pull requests, i've alot more time over the next two weeks.

issues list is open again for additions


LazyLibrarian is a program to follow authors and grab metadata for all your digital reading needs. It uses (for author info and book info) websites as a source. License: GNU GPL v3

Right now its capable of the following:

  • Find authors and add them to the database
  • List all books of an author and add them as 'wanted'.
  • LazyLibrarian will search a nzb-file for that book (only Newznab and nzbmatrix are currently supported)
  • If a nzb is found it will be send to sabnzbd or saved in a blackhole where your downloadapp can pick it up.
  • When processing the downloaded books it will save a coverpicture (if available) and save all metadata into metadata.opf next to the bookfile (calibre compatible format)
  • The new theme for the site allows it to be accessed (and usable) from devices with a smaller screen (such as an iPad)
  • AutoAdd feature for book management tools like Calibre which must have books in flattened directory structure
  • Added Usenet Crawler configuration + 2 NZB configurations (alas NZBMatrix is gone and removed)



LazyLibrarian runs by default on port 5299 at http://localhost:5299/

Linux / Mac OS X:

  • Install Python 2.6 or higher
  • Git clone/extract LL wherever you like
  • Run "python -d" to start in deamon mode
  • Fill in all the config fields =======
  • Run "python -daemon" to start in deamon mode
  • Set your username & password in the settings if you want.
  • Fill in all the config stuff


Auto update available via interface from master


Need an logo/favicon/icon badly. Made a temporary one. If you feel creative, go ahead.