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Ansible Base Layer for Charms

This is an early prototype of the Ansible charm base layer, which includes the batteries to write ansible based charms using layers. This ships with charms.ansible which exposes both the bootstrapping of ansible on the host, and exposes a natural language to wrap ansible execution.

This natrually integrates with charms.reactive states, by piping the hosts states into the ansible playbook. If no matching states declared in the playbook are found, the hook will error and the user/charm author will need to correct the inconsistency due to how Ansible handles tags.

To schedule a play to run during hook execution, leverage a charm state.

@when('ansible.available') def run_install_and_configure(): set_state('cowsay') charms.ansible.apply_playbook('playbook.yaml')

Then in the corresponding playbook:

- name: do something when ansible.available
  command: cowsay ansible is available
    - cowsay

Anytime the state of ansible.available occurs, the playbook will be executed.

At this time, there are no corresponding state mechanism's within ansible and they will need to be handled by the associated layer's calling hook code.


This layer and library are heavilly influenced by the work of Michael Nelson. Special thanks to mnelson and contributors to make this layer a reality. Which serves as the basis for charms.ansible