Cookiecutter template for C++ projects
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Cookiecutter template for C++ projects

Generate a new C++ project with a simple command:

$ cookiecutter cookiecutter-cpp-project


  • Generates a new C++ project built with CMake
  • It can optionally include installation commands
  • It can optionally generate configuration for building DEB and RPM packages with CPack
  • It generates a man page
  • It can optionally add CMake configuration for Boost, SFML, GoogleTest


Variable Description
project_name Name of the project
project_short_description Short description of the project
license License e.g. GPLv3
author_name Author's name
author_email Author's email
cpp_standard C++ language standard, e.g. 17, 11
add_installation If y then installation command (make install) will be generated
use_cpack If y then commands to generate DEB and RPM packages will be added
add_boost If y then it will be built with Boost library
add_sfml If y then it will be built with SFML library
add_google_test If y then it will add support for tests with GoogleTest