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A header-only parallel functions library for Intel Xeon/Xeon Phi/GPUs
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How to Download

  1. Download source code with git by using a command: git clone --recursive

(--recursive option will download submodules (Google Test, Thrust) into the thirdparty directory)


In order to compile the library, a C++ compiler must be present. Intel C++ Compiler is advised (versions 14 and 15 were used) to exploit all features of the library. For testing purposes, GNU C++ Compiler (g++) may be used as well (at least version 4.6.3).

For compiling code for GPUs, please see paragraph Running examples on GPU

Note: the library is designed to work on Linux. Its behaviour on other systems is undefined. Testing was done on the following distributions: Ubuntu 14.04, Scientific Linux 6.3.

Running examples on CPU

  1. Enter downloaded directory
  2. make example
  3. cd examples
  4. Run a selected executable, e.g., ./saxpy

Running examples on GPU

Note that in order to run anything on the GPU, CUDA toolkit must be installed. It can be downloaded from

  1. Enter downloaded directory
  2. cd examples
  3. cd gpu
  4. make saxpy
  5. If you run the executable: ./saxpy, it will run on the GPU

Running tests

  1. Enter downloaded directory
  2. make && make tests
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