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GLFW Binding for Red Language

This binding has been extensively tested with macOS Sierra and High Sierra and works fine under macOS. Please adapt path to libraries according your main OS. This version can be used with the last glfw 3.2.0 library.

This version requires red 0.6.3.

Have also a look here ( for a similar lib developped by talented red user.



You must use 32-bit version of dynamically linked libraries.


The binding for Red/System.


A quick done binding to OpenGL to be used with Red since GLFW requires OpenGL.


Gives access to OpenGL Utility Toolkit.


opgl.reds and glu.reds were done mainly for testing purpose and should be improved ASAP. You can also use use Kaj de Vos's wrapping for opengl. (


Tools dir

Includes some useful libs C-Library.reds and math.reds by Kaj de Vos (

Samples dir

Includes some samples adapted from orignal codes in C.


Includes samples compiled for Mac OS