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A tiny docker-compose PHP development environment
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A tiny Docker PHP development environment.

What should I do?

  • Clone DNMP:

    git clone

  • Run all containers:

    docker-compose up -d

  • Or run the containers what you like:

    docker-compose up -d nginx mysql php-fpm7


  • Have multiple versions of PHP
  • Keep the latest version
  • Easy to understand configuration files
  • Flexible container collocation

Directory Description

  • logs: the log directory of the container.

  • mysql: the build content directory of MySQL.

    • conf: path to configuration file for MySQL,like my.cnf
    • data: path to store database files.
    • Dockerfile: configuration the MySQL container.
  • nginx: the build content directory of Nginx.

    • conf: virtual host configuration file configuration files and nginx configuration file.
    • Dockerfile: configuration the Nginx container.
  • php-fpm7: the build content directory of PHP 7.1.x.

    • conf : just a php.ini here
    • Dockerfile: configuration the PHP container.
  • php-fpm5: the build content directory of PHP 5.6.x.

    similar to php-fpm7

What should I do if I want to switch the PHP version?

You can edit php-fpm/Dockerfile to change the PHP version what you like.

I need different PHP version for multiple project

  • First

you should build multiple PHP containers if you want different PHP version for multiple project.

  • And then

edit your virtual host configuration file and type the name of the PHP container.

  • Finally

It's OK now, enjoy it!

I need more PHP extensions

It's easy to add PHP extension if you use the dnmp , here we go

  • First

open the Dockerfile

  • And then

add the extensions what you need like this

RUN docker-php-ext-install mbstring opcache pdo pdo_mysql mysqli
  • Finally

run this code on your terminal

docker-compose build && docker-compose up -d

Enjoy it.

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