LeanEngine Command Line Tool
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Command-line tool to develop and manage LeanCloud apps.


  • via homebrew: $ brew install lean-cli
  • via https://releases.leanapp.cn/#/leancloud/lean-cli/releases(In case of your connection with GitHub cracked)


Install the toolchains:

You can install them via homebrew

Clone this repo to your ${GOPATH}/src/github.com/leancloud/lean-cli, then have a look at Makefile, Then run make all to build releases.

Ensure all codes is formated by gofmt. Commit message should write in gitmoji.


Tag the current commit with version name, and create a release with this tag. run $ make all and attach the build result (under ./_build folder) to the release.

The homebrew guys will update the home brew formula. If not, or we are in a hurry, just make a pull request to them.

Releases will fetch from GitHub automatically. If not, or we are in a hurry, just execute cloud function updateRepo with argument {"repo": "leancloud/lean-cli"} to update.