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introduction to machine learning notebooks for physics education researchers
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Tutorials in machine learning for physics education research

This is a repo for the quantitative analysis group, it contains notebooks demonstrating various methods of research and visualization

Rules for submitting

  1. When committing notebooks please include descriptions of how to use them in the notebooks.
  2. R and Python notebooks are accepted. Please use Python 3.x.
  3. Submit R notebooks to the R folder and Python notebooks to the python folder.
  4. If writing Python Please follow PEP-8 where possible. More information on PEP-8 can be found here
  5. If your Python notebook has library requirements please update the environment.yml file to reflect the new requirements.
  6. For new notebooks please create a branch with a relevant title and commit and then merge with the master. This will avoid conflicts for people working on different topics.

If you have questions people are always available on Slack!

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