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  1. Website for Learn Teach Code, a community for anyone who wants to learn about computer science or programming

    JavaScript 26 16

  2. Curated resource compendium, created for/by the LearnTeachCode community

    Ruby 33 26

  3. Resources and notes for the algorithms study group with Learn Teach Code (Created by @ThuyNT13, @mtroiani, @LearningNerd, @nurarenke and @loorinm)

    JavaScript 39 8

  4. leadership Public

    For the Learn Teach Code leadership team to organize ideas and next steps for improving and growing our community


  5. mob-coding Public

    A mob programming web app for real-time collaboration on coding challenges

    JavaScript 5 3

  6. A sample app for Learn Teach Code that lets users paint on a collaborative canvas in real time over a WebSocket connection. Built with NodeJS, Express and SocketIO.

    JavaScript 6 7


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