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MathJax Contributed Extensions

Each directory listed contains a MathJax extension which can be used in a document with the MathJax CDN configuration.

A typical configuration using one of these extensions will include the following within the <head>...</head> portion of your HTML document:

<script type="text/x-mathjax-config">
  TeX: {
    extensions: [""] 
<script type="text/javascript"

Please note the extension URL: this is not on GitHub, but is updated nightly from the GitHub master branch.

Some extensions may require additional configuration -- for details, see the README in the directory for the extension.

The extensions can also be downloaded and stored for local use -- just be sure to change the URL in the loadComplete() call at the end of the extension JavaScript file, and the URL in the MathJax configuration.

Each extension also has a sample page, which can be found in the gh-pages branch.

Notes for MathJax version 2.1

All extensions have been tested with MathJax version 2.1 on the CDN.

Notes for MathJax version 2.0

All extensions have been tested with MathJax version 2.0 on the CDN.
This did require minor bug fixes in the forminput and forloop extensions (the corrections do not affect function in MathJax version 1.1).

For Extension Developers

Developers are welcome to place their extensions here (by issuing a pull request), but please observe the following guidelines:

1) Directory and file naming: Please place your extension in a separate directory, extname, and place the main JavaScript file for the extension, extname.js, in that directory (replace extname with the name of your extension).

2) README: Please include a file in the extname directory with configuration and usage documentation -- see the existing extensions for examples.

3) Sample: Please include a sample file sample.html in the extname directory in the gh-pages branch, with a sample demonstrating configuration and usage of your extension, and link to the sample in your file. (You will need to make a separate pull request for your commit to the gh-pages branch.)

4) URLs: For testing purposes, a URL is acceptable on a temporary basis, but before you make your pull request to merge into the master branch, please change the URL to in the loadComplete() call at the end of extname.js and in the configuration block of your sample.

5) MathJax CDN: Please test your extension against the MathJax CDN as shown in the configuration above, and set up your sample file to use the CDN.

Please note that your files will not be available immediately on the URL -- this site is updated nightly from the master branch here. Also please note that the sample file sample.html in the gh-pages branch is not transfered to the site -- the URL for the sample will be

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