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Foment is an implementation of Scheme.

  • Full R7RS.
  • Libraries and programs work.
  • Native threads and some synchronization primitives.
  • Proccess is a subset of the Racket Processes API.
  • Memory management including guardians. Guardians protect objects from being collected.
  • Full Unicode including reading and writing unicode characters to the console. Files in UTF-8 and UTF-16 encoding can be read and written.
  • The system is built around a compiler and VM. There is support for prompts and continuation marks.
  • Network support.
  • Editing at the REPL including ( ) matching.
  • Portable: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD.
  • Package for OpenWRT.
  • Dockerfile.
  • 32 bit and 64 bit.
  • SRFI 1: List Library
  • SRFI 14: Character-set Library
  • SRFI 18: Multithreading support
  • SRFI 22: Running Scheme Scripts on Unix
  • SRFI 27: Sources of Random Bits
  • SRFI 39: Parameter objects
  • SRFI 60: Integers as Bits
  • SRFI 106: Basic socket interface
  • SRFI 111: Boxes
  • SRFI 112: Environment Inquiry
  • SRFI 124: Ephemerons
  • SRFI 125: Hash Tables
  • SRFI 128: Comparators
  • SRFI 133: Vector Library (R7RS-compatible)
  • SRFI 151: Bitwise Operations
  • SRFI 157: Continuation marks
  • SRFI 166: Monadic Formatting
  • SRFI 176: Version flag
  • SRFI 181: Custom ports (including transcoded ports)
  • SRFI 192: Port Positioning
  • SRFI 193: Command line
  • SRFI 207: String-notated bytevectors
  • SRFI 229: Tagged Procedures

See Foment for more details.

Please note that this is very much a work in progress. Please let me know if you find bugs and omissions. I will do my best to fix them.


Foment is an implementation of R7RS Scheme.







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