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Convert CSV files to a format that can be imported in YNAB
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You Need A Parser

Web App | Supported Formats | Suggest a Format

YNAP is a web app that converts CSV files from a variety of sources into a format that can easily be imported into You Need A Budget. Just drag the files you want to convert into this window. As the conversion happens entirely in JS, your files will never leave your browser.

This repository consists of three packages:


This package contains all parsers for different formats. If you want to implement a new parser, this is the way to go. This package is also available on NPM if you want to use it in your own projects.


This is the web frontend you see at


This tool fetches the current configuration file from bank2ynab and converts it to a JSON file that can be read by ynap-parsers. This allows ynap-parsers to support most of the banks supported by bank2ynab.


If you want to improve YNAP, feel free to submit an issue or open a pull request.


This repo and all included packages are licensed under the MIT License.

If you use any of the packages in this repo in your project, a mention or link to this repo would be nice but is not required.

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