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Tremulous GPP bots module by GlobalWarming

The current code was based on a P-Bot 2.x GPP port from Tremulous 1.1 P-Bot ( which uses Tremulous version SVN2279 (from



  • GPP-Bot mod was created based in pbot (most of the pbot code was removed, recoded or translated, and divided in several files and functions)
  • practically everything about bots, is controlled throught bot-> struct
  • bots have their own skins (activated by: g_bot_skins command)
  • enhanced weapons animations
  • bot thinking process now happens in levels at different times
  • bots control functions to simplify code, like: BotJump()
  • bot States were added
  • Action queue which allows sequence of movements
  • Paths are not limited in size
  • Paths now use -1 to represent NULL nodes
  • bots can join on password protected servers
  • bots have their own skin
  • bots ping was added
  • /callbot commands to add and remove bots
  • all alien bots now attack based on their own capabilities (range constants)
  • new debug system which allow administrators to debug specific parts of the code (botdbg BOTNAME TAG VERBOSITY or botdbg BOTNAME read INFO)
  • "dnodes" does not depend on users anymore
  • bots can be controlled manually (botcmd BOT move ...)
  • bots states can be controlled manually (botcmd BOT state/nav )
  • "listplayer" shows score
  • Fully charged lucis at tyrants and structures
  • Basilisks and Dretches attack improved
  • Humans use medipads when are low in HP
  • Aliens use boosters and follow basiliks when are low in HP
  • Strafe is now random (but consistent)
  • Blocked-State code for both, aliens and humans recoded
  • Bots are able to follow and create leaderships in groups (need to be fixed)
  • Bots do something on maps without nodes (nothing great yet)
  • Bots can walk and aim at two different directions (experimental: off)
  • Bots aim is not instant (experimental: off)
  • Human bots now have basic repair capabilities
  • Human bots try to keep a distance when attacking structures (except saw and flame weapons)
  • teams are not locked anymore and 2 bots by team are deployed by default
  • [BOT] tag in names is reserved only for bots
  • bots/start.cfg is executed on map load
  • gas affects bots aim
  • Essence is now divided by team. dnodes have new parameters: [aliens|humans|off]
  • Bots will use target prioritization to choose between enemies
  • FriendFire awareness implemented.
  • Hit detection which prevent humans to hit the wall for long time.
  • Introduced (but not fully implemented): profiles, range behavior, group thinking, hit detection, some bot states as RUSH,PATROL,etc


  • goons pounce and rants rush to move faster, maras jump more.
  • aliens were not able to evolve to adv. marauder (since original code).
  • aliens evolve percentages and order changed. Expect more adv. basilisks and adv. marauders in game
  • adv. goons can snipe and attack at the same time
  • goon attack ranges adjusted according to CLAW_RANGE defined constants
  • dretches will not to attack structures it can't destroy unless they are not completed
  • bots deployment fixed (bots were not removed when last player disconnected)
  • added botcmd BOT kill to instantly kill bot (useful when bots are stuck or performing tests)
  • added aliens class controlling commands, like: g_bot_lisk 0, g_bot_advmara 0 , g_bot_goon 0, etc.
  • prevent aliens to loose target in case they are too close of it. In general (humans and aliens) reduce the chances of changing target.
  • bots now move more randomly when they are blocked
  • blocked timeout reduced to 1 second
  • rnodes command added to reload nodes on edition (command not working yet)


  • Aliens improved (fixed stuck bug) and adjusted range values
  • Goons will not try to use barbs if they don't have enough
  • Bots will try to use wallwalk more (70%).
  • Aliens will evolve more randomly (even if they have evos, they may not use them)
  • Dretch and Basilisk will not always jump on attack
  • debug messages and commands have been added
  • g_bot_join 0/1 added to prevent bots from joining automatically
  • join message changed to: "Please join to deploy bots"
  • DrawNodes function changed to update only changed nodes (performance)
  • Essence update changed to every second (for debug purposes)
  • Cleaned code (removed many unused commented code)


  • Ant Algorithm improved:
    • BAD essence was introduced as a "regret" action (shown as nades in dnodes)
    • Decision making was recoded and values were changed
  • Evolve near humans (but not near humans buildings) is now possible
  • Fixed "ping-pong" (up and down) movement of bots when firing close structures.
  • Bots are added on team-join (not on spawn as previous version). This is the correct way
  • Bots buy weapons and extras based also in probability (before was fixed), allowing: variety and saving
  • Bots are not locked to a target anymore (if they see another target, may change)
  • Weapons prioritization was changed
  • Message is sent to client centered on screen (not as private message)
  • dnodes was moved from g_admin.c to g_main.c to be automatically updated - every 3 secs- (refreshed) to show changes in Ant Algorithm
  • random values were fixed (overseeding problem)


  • Bots are added/removed automatically according to the number of players.
  • Any team can be joined (even though Aliens is suggested) - sent as private message on login
  • Ant algorithm values changed to increases the chances to explore new paths
  • Bots throw nades to tyrants
  • No more "UnnamedPlayer" bots: bot can not be added if nick is taken


  • Ant algorithm mostly implemented but functional (on testing)


  • Player count on server browser list showing always "0", fixed.


  • Battle-suits are now displayed (before they were not shown)


  • Humans bots can buy and use grenades (they use them against buildings)


  • Weird "possession" bug (player replaced bot) fixed

v.01 ~ 07

  • Humans bots aim against buildings fixed
  • Bots are now "ready" on intermission
  • botcmd BOTNAME give (command added)
  • Aliens wall-walking (when available) was prioritized over jumping
  • ATCS Path was improved

For requests, comments or follow-ups: