lxErrorLoggerPlugin allow you to log PHP errors and exceptions that occur on a Symfony project into various format.
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lxErrorLoggerPlugin allow you to log PHP errors and exceptions that occur on a Symfony project into various format.

This thing is deprecated

Project Status

Available error notifier

The plugin provide several error notifier you can separately enable:

  • Database notifier: it will save an entry for each error in your database in the lx_error_logger table. (work with Doctrine)
  • XML notifier: log each error in a xml file.
  • Email notifier: send an email each time an error occur.
  • Log file notifier: log each error in a basic log file.
  • Hoptoad notifier: send each error to your Hoptoad account.


  1. Enable lxErrorLoggerPlugin in your ProjectConfiguration
  2. Configure plugin through your app.yml file to enable error notifier you need.

Plugin configuration description

Full app.yml options (with defaults values):

    enabled:              false                                  # enable/disable the error logger
    php_error_reporting:  <?php echo (E_ALL | E_STRICT)."\n" ?>  # php errors to repport
    reserve_memory:       false                                  # reserve some memory to be able to log memory limit fatal errors.
    service_class:        lxErrorLoggerService                   # error logger service class
    error_class:          lxError                                # error class
    error_html_template:  %SF_PLUGINS_DIR%/lxErrorLoggerPlugin/data/lxErrorHtml.php # template file used to render an error as html.
      token:              695da52ee926897d352ad0c05721a8bc       # token to access the rss feed provided by lxErrorNotifierRss module, use your own token.
      items:              20                                     # number of items in the rss feed provided by lxErrorNotifierRss module
        enabled:          false                                  # enable/disable database notifier
        class:            lxErrorNotifierDb                      # database notifier class
          similar_error:  true                                   # look for similar error when an error is notified
          dsn:            ~                                      # use a different DB to log errors
          username:       ~                                      # username for the DB
          password:       ~                                      # password for the DB
          driver_options: {}                                     # PDO driver options
        enabled:          false                                  # enable/disable notifier xml
        class:            lxErrorNotifierXml                     # xml notifier class
          file_path:      %SF_DATA_DIR%/lxErrorLoggerPlugin      # xml file path
          file_name:      errors.xml                             # xml file name
          similar_error:  true                                   # look for similar error when an error is notified
        enabled:          false                                  # enable/disable mail notifier
        class:            lxErrorNotifierMail                    # email notifier class
          to:             mail@example.com                       # or several emails > to: [mail@example.com, mail2@exmple.com]
          subject:        A new error occured on your website    # the email subject
          always_send:    true                                   # always send an email even if db or xml notifiers detect the error as similar
        enabled:          false                                  # enable/disable Hoptoad notifier
        class:            lxErrorNotifierHoptoad                 # Hoptoad notifier class
          apiKey:         8a5da52ed126447d359e70c05721a8aa       # your Hoptoad api key
          timeout:        2                                      # time out value for curl request to Hoptoad
          log_response:   false                                  # log Hoptoad response
        enabled:          false                                  # enable/disable log file notifier
        class:            lxErrorNotifierLogFile                 # log file notifier class
          file_path:      %SF_LOG_DIR%                           # log file path
          file_name:      lxErrorLoggerPlugin.log                # log file name
          line_pattern:   "%created_at% %separator% %environment% %separator% %type% %separator% %message% (%file%:%line%)" # log line pattern

Log file notifier, all line_pattern available values:

%separator%      a '|' char
%environment%    symfony environment
%type%           error type
%url%            resquested url
%code%           error code
%class%          execption class name
%message%        error message
%file%           error file
%line%           line in the file
%module%         symfony module name
%action%         symfony action name
%trace%          error trace
%user_agent%     user agent data
%server%         $_SERVER content
%session%        $_SESSION content
%similar_error%  the similar error id
%created_at%     the error date (Y-m-d H:i:s)

RSS feed

The plugin provide a RSS feed with latest errors.

  1. Enable the lxErrorNotifierRss module in one of your application in the settings.yml file.
  2. The RSS feed is available on http://your.domain.com/lx-error/rss.xml?token=695da52ee926897d352ad0c05721a8bc

This feed is generated only if Database or XML notifier is enabled. If both are enaled the feed is generated from database notifier datas.


This plugin is licensed under the terms of the MIT License.


This plugin is developed and maintained by Lexik.