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Abort utility for VSTS
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VSTS/TFS Abort Utility

Story behind the utility can be found in my blog post.

To Abort Builds

When a build of multiple tasks is being executed, often we want to abort if certain conditions do not match expectation.

Abort As Failed ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ It is possible to define a verification step and let it fail. Then the whole build fails.

If you like this way, no need to read further.

Abort As Succeeded ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ While the agent is executing the build, you can abort its execution by the following PowerShell snippet,

Write-Host "##vso[task.setvariable variable=agent.jobstatus;]canceled"
Write-Host "##vso[task.complete result=Canceled;]DONE"

This build would stop here, and shows as succeeded on dashboard.

If you like this way, no need to read further.

Abort As Cancelled? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Instead of marking an aborted build as failed/succeeded, I rather mark them as cancelled. But the challenge is that you cannot cancel a build from a task by default. There is simply no such settings in the build definition.

But that's why I created this utility.

How To Use The Utility

Here comes the utility, which can help you abort the build as cancelled.

  1. Generate a Personal Access Token and make sure it has "Build (read and execute)" scope selected.
  2. Add this token to your pipeline under Variables section as a new variable (for example system.pat). Make sure you click "Change variable type to secret" to lock down the value.
  3. Add a verification task in your pipeline (Batch Script as example). Make sure "$(system.pat)" is passed as Arguments.
  4. In the actual batch file (prepare.abort.bat in my case), call the utility,
echo no change. abort.
set SYSTEM_PAT=%~1
powershell -executionpolicy bypass -File abort.ps1

The utility checks an environment variable LEXTUDIO_VSTSABORT. It also expects PAT to be passed via environment variable SYSTEM_PAT. All other environment variables are set by VSTS agent.

The personal access token has a life span (max one year), so it must be replaced with a valid one periodically.


Please report issues in the Issues section.

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