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The QUESO Library Build Status Coverage

QUESO stands for Quantification of Uncertainty for Estimation, Simulation and Optimization.

QUESO is a collection of algorithms and other functionalities aimed for the solution of statistical inverse problems, for the solution of statistical forward problems, for the validation of a model and for the prediction of quantities of interest from such model along with the quantification of their uncertainties.

QUESO is designed for flexibility, portability, easiness of use and easiness of extension. Its software design follows an object-oriented approach and its code is written on C++ and over MPI. It can run over uniprocessor or multiprocessor environments.


You can obtain QUESO tarballs here.

If you do not have a configure script in the top level directory, run bootstrap to generate a configure script using autotools.

Before compiling, you must run the configure script. To run, type ./configure. Additional options may be provided if desired. Run ./configure --help for details.

After successfully running configure, type make to build the QUESO library.

Then type make install to install it in the directory previously specified by the --prefix option of the configure script.


QUESO documentation is available here.

Documentation for older versions:


At a minimum, QUESO compilation requires MPI and linkage against two external libraries:

QUESO also has several optional dependencies that enable additional functionality:

Should you be interested in using the optional infinite dimensional capabilities of QUESO, then you also need the following dependencies:


See LICENSE file distributed with QUESO for more information.


Contributions are very welcome. If you wish to contribute, please take a few moments to review the branching model QUESO utilizes.


If you have questions or need help with using or contributing to QUESO, feel free to ask questions on one of the mailing lists:

  • queso-users mailing list for questions regarding usage and reporting bugs
  • queso-dev mailing list for discussion regarding development of QUESO

Citing QUESO

Please add the following citation to any paper, technical report or article describing the use of the QUESO library:

  author = {Prudencio, Ernesto E and Schulz, Karl W},
  booktitle = {Euro-Par 2011: Parallel Processing Workshops},
  pages = {398--407},
  publisher = {Springer},
  title = {{The parallel C++ statistical library ‘QUESO’: Quantification of
    Uncertainty for Estimation, Simulation and Optimization}},
  url = {\_44},
  year = {2012}


QUESO is a C++ library for doing uncertainty quantification. QUESO stands for Quantification of Uncertainty for Estimation, Simulation and Optimization.




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