Python library for audio and music analysis
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A python package for music and audio analysis.

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Linux OSX Windows


See for a complete reference manual and introductory tutorials.

Demonstration notebooks

What does librosa do? Here are some quick demonstrations:


The latest stable release is available on PyPI, and you can install it by saying

pip install librosa

Anaconda users can install using conda-forge:

conda install -c conda-forge librosa

If you use Anaconda on Windows, we recommend installing the gstreamer and/or ffmpeg libraries separately, as they are not (yet) available as conda packages.

To build librosa from source, say python build. Then, to install librosa, say python install. If all went well, you should be able to execute the demo scripts under examples/ (OS X users should follow the installation guide given below).

Alternatively, you can download or clone the repository and use pip to handle dependencies:

pip install -e librosa


git clone
pip install -e librosa

By calling pip list you should see librosa now as an installed pacakge:

librosa (0.x.x, /path/to/librosa)

Hints for OS X and Windows


To fuel audioread with more audio-decoding power, you can install ffmpeg which ships with many audio decoders. (Note: if you are using the conda package for audioread, this will be done automatically.)

You can use homebrew to install the program by calling brew install ffmpeg or get a binary version from their website


Please direct non-development questions and discussion topics to our web forum at!forum/librosa


Please refer to the Zenodo link below for citation information. DOI