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libewf is a library to access the Expert Witness Compression Format (EWF).

Project information:

* Status: experimental
* Licence: LGPLv3+

Read or write supported EWF formats:

* SMART .s01 (EWF-S01)
* EnCase
  * .E01 (EWF-E01)
  * .Ex01 (EWF2-Ex01)

Not supported:

* .Ex01 (EWF2-Ex01) bzip2 compression (work in progress)
* .Ex01 (EWF2-Ex01) encryption

Read-only supported EWF formats:

* Logical Evidence File (LEF)
  * .L01 (EWF-L01)
  * .Lx01 (EWF2-Lx01)

Other features:

* empty-block compression
* read/write access using delta (or shadow) files
* write resume

Work in progress:

* Dokan library support (experimental)
* Python bindings (including Python 3 support)
* write EWF2-Ex01 support
* Multi-threading support


* write EWF-L01 and EWF2-Lx01 (long-term)

The libewf package contains the following tools:

* ewfacquire; which writes storage media data from devices and files to EWF files.
* ewfacquirestream; which writes data from stdin to EWF files.
* ewfdebug; experimental tool does nothing at the moment.
* ewfexport; which exports storage media data in EWF files to (split) RAW format or a specific version of EWF files.
* ewfinfo; which shows the metadata in EWF files.
* ewfmount; which FUSE mounts EWF files.
* ewfrecover; special variant of ewfexport to create a new set of EWF files from a corrupt set.
* ewfverify; which verifies the storage media data in EWF files.

For previous project contributions see:

* libewf on SourceForge:

For previous stable releases see:

* Downloads:

For more information see:

* Project documentation:
* How to build from source: