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ember-ast-hot-load Build Status Greenkeeper badge

Any ember components hot-reloading

Main Idea of this addon - ability to reload changed components without application reloading.

This addon is continuation of the project ember-cli-hot-loader and includes part of it's codebase.

Many thanks to Toran Billups / @toranb for this huge work, support and inspiration!

  • ember-cli-hot-loader implemented using middleware for ember-resolver and wrapping components.
  • ember-as-hot-load implemented using compile-time templates ast transformations.
Point ember-ast-hot-load ember-cli-hot-loader
Tagless components + +/-
Classic route templates + -
reducers reloading - +
performance impact low middle
typescript support + +
Nested components + +/-
code limitations - +
Ember 2.x ? +
Ember 3.4+ + -
Fastboot + -
Sparkles components + -
Hooked components + -
Custom components + -
Component wrappers - +
AST integration + -
Resolver 5 support + -
MU support + -
Addons hot-reload + -


ember install ember-ast-hot-load

How to use this addon

After the ember install simply run ember serve as you normally would. Any changes to component JS/HBS files will result in a hot reload (not a full page reload). If you alter a route, service, controller or controller template ember-cli will do a full page reload.

Helpers looks like components, but we don't support component-like helpers hot-reload. So, you need to exclude helpers from hot-loader pipeline.

If you don't specify helpers in config addon will continue to work, but with helper -> dynamic component -> helper wrapper (you can check it in ember-inspector components tab, wrapper will have name like helper "you-app-helper-name").

Let's copy all applications' hot-reload confusing helpers.

var componentLikeHelpers = Object.keys(require.entries)
    .filter(name=>(name.includes('/helpers/')|| name.includes('/helper')))
        let path = name.split('/helpers/');
        return path.pop();

in ember-cli-build.js you need to specify this helpers

new EmberApp(defaults, {
  'ember-ast-hot-load': {
    helpers: ["foo-bar", "liquid-if", ... ],
    enabled: true

also, we need to exclude ember-ast-hot-load from production builds (to avoid unnecessary calculations)

const environment = EmberApp.env();
// ...
const addonsToIgnoreInProdBuilds = [ 
  environment === 'production' ? 'ember-ast-hot-load' : null 
].filter(name => name !== null);

new EmberApp(defaults, {
  addons: {
    blacklist: addonsToIgnoreInProdBuilds

Known Compatibility Workarounds

Content Security Policy

There is a known issue when used in conjunction with ember-cli-content-security-policy or any strong Content Security Policy that blocks "unsafe-eval" (as it should).

When this plugin tries to execute the Ember.HTMLBars.compile function, a CSP (Content Security Policy) that does not allow "unsafe-eval" will block the JS execution with the following error:

Uncaught EvalError: Refused to evaluate a string as JavaScript
because 'unsafe-eval' is not an allowed source of script in the
following Content Security Policy directive: "script-src ...

To workaround this issue, in the config/environment.js file, add "unsafe-eval" to the Development and Test environment sections. Do NOT just add "unsafe-eval" to the CSP that goes to Production as this will defeat one of the main safeguards that comes from using a CSP. Here is sample code to add to the CSP in the proper environments only:

  // config/environment.js
  ENV.contentSecurityPolicy = {
    // normal CSP for Production here

  if (environment === 'development') {
    // ...
    // Allow unsafe eval on dev environment

  if (environment === 'test') {
    // ...
    // Allow unsafe eval on test environment



  • git clone <repository-url>
  • cd ember-ast-hot-load
  • yarn install


  • yarn lint:hbs
  • yarn lint:js
  • yarn lint:js --fix

Running tests

  • ember test – Runs the test suite on the current Ember version
  • ember test --server – Runs the test suite in "watch mode"
  • ember try:each – Runs the test suite against multiple Ember versions

Running the dummy application

For more information on using ember-cli, visit https://ember-cli.com/.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.