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Emacs major mode for editing Hamlet files
Emacs Lisp
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hamlet-mode is an Emacs major mode for editing files written in Hamlet, a Haskell compile-time HTML templating engine. Currently it only provides syntax highlighting.


If you have Emacs >= 24, you can conveniently install hamlet-mode via the package in MELPA.

To install manually, simply put hamlet-mode.el wherever you want, load it, and (require 'hamlet-mode).

If you want to highlight quasiquoted Hamlet, install mmm-mode and do something like this:

(require 'mmm-vars)
(require 'mmm-auto)
(setq mmm-global-mode 'maybe)
    :submode hamlet-mode
    :delimiter-mode nil
    :front "\\[x?hamlet|"
    :back "|\\]")))
(mmm-add-mode-ext-class 'haskell-mode nil 'hamlet-quasiquote)
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