lab is a cli client of gitlab like hub
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lab is a cli client of gitlab like hub.


Go developer

Please getting source code and build.

go get
make ensure
go install

Binary download

Please run the install script:

curl -s | bash

The script installs the lab command in /usr/local/bin. For more details, see the source code.


Usage: lab [--version] [--help] <command> [<args>]

Available commands are:
    browse           Browse repository page
    issue            Create and Edit, list a issue
    lint             validate .gitlab-ci.yml
    merge-request    Create and Edit, list a merge request
    pipeline         List pipeline, List pipeline jobs
    project          Show project
    user             Show pipeline


  1. change directory gitlab repository
    • lab command accesses gitlab quickly by useing repository infomation
    $ cd {gitlab repository}
  2. laucn lab command
    $ lab issue
  3. please input personal access token
    • use the lab command you need Personal access take look here(
    Please input GitLab private token : {your token}



Open gitlab pages on brwoser.

# open project page
$ lab browse

# open issue list page
$ lab browse #
$ lab browse i

# open issue detail page
$ lab browse #10
$ lab browse i10

List Issue and Merge Request

Show any list.

# List Issue
$ lab issue

# List Merge Request
$ lab merge-request

Add Issue and Merge Request

title and description input on editor.

# Add Issue
$ lab add-issue

# Add Merge Request
$ lab add-merge-request --target={target branch}


auto create configuration file ~/.labconfig.yml when launch lab command


# personal access token
# store key/value style
tokens: sampletoken lowprioritytoken
# Determine priority when there are multiple pieces of remote information in the repository


  • variable command
    • Project-level Variables
    • Group-level Variables
  • use template
    • issue template
    • merge request template
  • pipeline actions
    • cancel
    • retry
  • label command
  • project-member command
  • workflow automation command
    • create
      • create new project and cloning repository
    • fork
      • create fork project and cloning repository
    • flow
      • create issue and create WIP: merge request