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Reaction Time Distributions - An Interactive Overview

This is the code underlying this guide. There is a non-interactive version here if the interactive version doesn't run. You can run the interactive verison it in RStudio (see below) or on a shiny server. If you expect fewer visitors, using RStudios built-in upload to is very convenient.

The file include/index.html is hosted locally at to make Twitter Cards etc. work.


Most people default to using gaussian models to model reaction times. It has a poor fit to the actual data as even the simplest model assessment would tell you. I demonstrate that the shifted log-normal is superior in terms of fit, interpretability while being just as easy to use. The Drift-Diffusion Model is has greater theoretical value but is harder to fit.

Here is a review of various models that you can play with interactively if you run the app:

Run on your own computer

  • Download the files to a folder

  • If you haven't already: Install and open RStudio. Then run this in the console to install the needed packages: install.packages('shiny', 'rtdists')

  • Open index.Rmd.

  • Press CTRL + SHIFT + K to launch it. Navigate the document in the Viewer pane or open it in the browser by clicking the small icon at the top of the Viewer pane.

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Reaction Time Distributions - An Interactive Overview






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