Desktop application for CANtact hardware interface
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CANtact-app is an open source software tool for interfacing with Controller Area Network systems from the desktop. It is primarily intended to be used with the CANtact hardware, but should work with any device that uses the LAWICEL protocol.


CANtact Screenshot



The ant and netbeans packages.


git clone
cd cantact-app
ant build

  • ant build requires a proper CLASSPATH. If you don't know what an appropriate CLASSPATH should be you can open the netbeans IDE (via netbeans) and view the IDE Log Output.


  • Display of CAN bus trace
  • Live display, showing the most recent data for each frame
  • Simple transmission of CAN frames
  • Javascript scripting interface
  • ISOTP transmit and receive
  • Saving of CAN traces (in candump format)


  • OBD-II, and UDS protocol implementations
  • CAN databases and signal decoding