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Lintalist: Searchable interactive lists to copy & paste text, run scripts, using easily exchangeable bundles - (snippet manager, text expander)


Lintalist allows you to store and (incrementally) search and edit texts in bundles and paste a selected text in your active program. The text can be interactive, for example, you can automatically insert the current time and date, ask for (basic) user input or make a selection from a list etc. forum thread:

Other features:

  • Assign keyboard shortcuts to your favourite Snippets
  • Use abbreviations (shorthand) for your favourite Snippets
  • Run scripts which can be included in a Bundle
  • Use the standard Plugins (date, variables, counters, clipboard etc) or develop your own
  • Read more in the documentation...

Lintalist is open source and developed in AutoHotkey, an easy to learn scripting language for Windows (WinXP and above)

Lintalist search window

Lintalist search window

  1. Type query (multiple search modes)
  2. Menu + search options.
  3. Result list with Part 1, Part 2, Key(board shortcut), Short(hand, abbreviation). Columns are dynamic, if part 2, key or short are not present in the loaded bundle(s) they will not be displayed.
  4. Preview of top most or selected snippet text. In statusbar: loaded bundle(s) and hits / number of snippets.


  1. New users: Download the lastest release - unpack to a new directory and run lintalist.exe (or lintalist.ahk if you are already an AutoHotkey user)
  2. AutoHotkey users (or installing updates): Download the - unpack to a new (or your current Lintalist) directory and run lintalist.ahk or lintalist.exe

More information

More about Lintalist in "docs\index.html" after you downloaded it, right click on the tray icon (Help) or visit



Lintalist is written in AutoHotkey, a free and open-source utility for Windows. You can learn more about AutoHotkey at The source code for AutoHotkey is available at

Note: lintalist.exe is simply a renamed autohotkey.exe included for convenience. This script requires a working copy of autohotkey.exe to be present in order to run user scripts defined in bundles. If you have AHK installed you can safely delete lintalist.exe and just start lintalist.ahk directly.



Lintalist uses various libraries, icons and more prepared by others - see credits.txt for a complete list (if something is missing do let me know)

Copyright 2009-2022 Lintalist. See license.txt