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    ngx_set_cconv - cconv rewrite set commands

    *This module is not distributed with the Nginx source.* See the
    installation instructions.

    This module is production ready.

    location /foo {
        set $foo "中國";
        set_cconv_to_simp $foo $foo;
        # now $foo is 中国

    location /bar {
        set $foo "中国";
        set_cconv_to_trad $foo $foo;
        # now $foo is 中國

    location /baz {
        set $foo "西zhiMen";
        set_pinyin_to_normal $foo $foo;
        # now $foo is xizhimen

  Every directive provided by this module can be
  mixed freely with other nginx rewrite module's
  directives, like "if" and "set". (Thanks to NDK
  and agentzh's set-misc-nginx-module)

  Only utf8 is supported in this module.




    Do not use $arg_XXX or $http_XXX or other special variables defined in
    the nginx core module as the target variable in this module's directives.
    For instance,

        set_cconv_to_simp $arg_user 'foo';  # DO NOT USE THIS!

    will lead to data corruption.

    First ensure you have openssl installed in your system.

    1. Grab the nginx source code from (< >), for
        example, the version 0.8.29 (see nginx compatibility),

    2. Grab the NDK module from GitHub:

    3. and then build the source with this module:

        $ wget ''
        $ tar -xzvf nginx-0.8.29.tar.gz
        $ cd nginx-0.8.29/

        # Here we assume you would install you nginx under /opt/nginx/.
        $ ./configure --prefix=/opt/nginx \
            --with-ld-opt="-lcconv" \
            --add-module=/path/to/ngx_devel_kit \

        $ make -j2
        $ make install

    Download the latest version of the release tarball of this module from
    set-cconv-nginx-module file list
    (< >).

    The following versions of Nginx should work with this module:

    *   0.8.x (last tested version is 0.8.38)

    *   0.7.x >= 0.7.46 (last tested version is 0.7.65)

    Earlier versions of Nginx like 0.6.x and 0.5.x will *not* work.

    If you find that any particular version of Nginx above 0.7.44 does not
    work with this module, please consider reporting a bug.

Report Bugs
    Although a lot of effort has been put into testing and code tuning,
    there must be some serious bugs lurking somewhere in this module. So
    whenever you are bitten by any quirks, please don't hesitate to

    1.  send a bug report or even patches to <>,

    2.  or create a ticket on the issue tracking interface
        (< >)
        provided by GitHub.

Source Repository
    Available on github at liseen/set-cconv-nginx-module
    (< >).


Test Suite
    This module comes with a Perl-driven test suite. The test cases
    (< >)
    are declarative
    (< >
    ) too. Thanks to the Test::Base
    (< >) module in the Perl world.

    To run it on your side:

        $ cd test
        $ PATH=/path/to/your/nginx-with-set-cconv-module:$PATH prove -r t

    You need to terminate any Nginx processes before running the test suite
    if you have changed the Nginx server binary.

    Test::Nginx (< >) is used by
    the test scaffold.

    Because a single nginx server (by default, "localhost:1984") is used
    across all the test scripts (".t" files), it's meaningless to run the
    test suite in parallel by specifying "-jN" when invoking the "prove"

    Some parts of the test suite requires modules rewrite, and echo
    to be enabled as well when building Nginx.


Getting involved
    You'll be very welcomed to submit patches to the author or just ask for
    a commit bit to the source repository on GitHub.

    liseen.wan (万珣新) *<>*
    agentzh (章亦春) *<>*

Copyright & License
    Copyright (c) 2010, Qunar Inc. (

    Copyright (c) 2009, liseen <>.

    This module is licensed under the terms of the GPL2 license.

See Also