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Lispbuilder (short for Common Lisp Application Builder), is a collection of cross-platform packages for building large, interactive applications in Common Lisp. The most notable of these is Lispbuilder-SDL, a wrapper for SDL, a library commonly used for game development. Other packages provide 3D graphics and animation, networking, text processing, and other miscellaneous functionality.

The packages include:

  • Game development:

    • lispbuilder-sdl: bindings for SDL version 1.2
      • lispbuilder-sdl-gfx: bindings for SDL_gfx
      • lispbuilder-sdl-image: bindings for SDL_image
      • lispbuilder-sdl-mixer: bindings for SDL_mixer
      • lispbuilder-sdl-ttf: bindings for SDL_ttf
    • lispbuilder-openrm: bindings for OpenRM 3D scene graph
    • lispbuilder-cal3d: bindings for Cal3D character animation
    • lispbuilder-opengl: deprecated, use cl-opengl instead
      • Note: OpenGL by itself does not provide windowing support; lispbuilder-sdl can be used with cl-opengl to provide windowing support for OpenGL
  • Text processing:

    • lispbuilder-clawk: an implementation of awk
    • lispbuilder-lexer: a flex-like lexer
    • lispbuilder-yacc: a yacc-like parser
    • lispbuilder-regex: for regular expressions
  • Networking:

    • lispbuilder-net: deprecated, use usocket instead
  • Win32 specific (windows.h)

    • lispbuilder-windows

Note: The packages above can be used separately. There is no need to install all Lispbuilder packages if, for example, you only want lispbuilder-sdl.

Download & Installation

All packages can be installed with Quicklisp.

Dependencies for lispbuilder-sdl must be installed separately; see the installation instructions details.


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