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clj-docker-client Build Status

License: LGPL v3 Clojars Project

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An idiomatic Clojure Docker client based on the excellent JVM client by Spotify.

Why not use the Spotify lib directly?

The Spotify lib though being excellent, has Java style vararg method calls, non-standard variable passing and undocumented behaviour. This eases out these things to make an idiomatic, clojure friendly API to Docker.

This is a work in progress and aims to be fully compliant and up to date with the Docker API changes.

Please raise issues here for any new feature requests!



[lispyclouds/clj-docker-client "0.1.9"]

Clojure CLI/deps.edn

{lispyclouds/clj-docker-client {:mvn/version "0.1.9"}}


compile 'lispyclouds:clj-docker-client:0.1.9'



Build Requirements

  • Leiningen 2.8+
  • JDK 1.8+

Running tests locally

  • Install leiningen
  • Install Docker
  • lein test to run all unit tests. (needs Docker and working internet)

Auto generated code docs can be found here


(require '[clj-docker-client.core :as docker])

Creating a connection to the local Docker daemon

(def conn (docker/connect))

Creating a connection to a remote Docker daemon

(def conn (docker/connect ""))

Closing the connection to the Docker daemon

(docker/disconnect conn)

Connections can be used in the (with-open) block which closes it after use.

(with-open [conn (docker/connect)]
  (docker/ping conn))
=> "OK"

Ping the Docker server

(docker/ping conn)
=> "OK"

Get system-wide Docker info

(docker/info conn)
=> {:arch "x86_64"
    :cgroup-driver "cgroupfs"
    :cluster-store ""
    :containers 0
    :cpu-cfs-period? true
    :cpu-cfs-quota? true
    :cpus 4
    :debug? true
    :docker-root-dir "/var/lib/docker"
    other system info...}

Build login info with Docker Hub

(def login-info (docker/register conn "username" "password"))

Image Handling

Pulling the busybox:musl image

(docker/pull conn "busybox:musl")
=> "busybox:musl"

Building an image from a Dockerfile

  "full path to directory containing a Dockerfile"
=> "9958e80071d4"

Pushing an image

(docker/push conn "image id or <repo>:<tag>" login-info)
=> "myrepo/test:latest"

Removing an image

(docker/image-rm conn "image id or <repo>:<tag>")
=> "myrepo/test:latest"

Listing all available images

(docker/image-ls conn)
=> [{:created "1538500829"
     :id "feaa93c97400"
     :repo-tags ["busybox:musl"]
     :size 1358201}
    {:created "1536704390"
     :id "196d12cf6ab1"
     :repo-tags ["alpine:latest"]
     :size 4413370}]

Committing changes from a container to a new image

  "container id"
  "entry point command")
=> "9958e8aafed2"

Container Handling

Creating a container with the busybox:musl image, a command, env vars and host->container port mappings.

(docker/create conn "busybox:musl" "echo hello" {:env "testing"} {8000 8000})
=> "9a9ce5dc847c"

Listing all available containers

(docker/ps conn) ; Only running containers
=> [{:command " redis-server"
     :id "13c274fc67e6"
     :image "redis:alpine"
     :names ["friendly_einstein"]
     :ports [{:ip nil :private 6379 :public 0 :type :tcp}]
     :state :running
     :status "Up 34 seconds"}]

(docker/ps conn true) ; All containers
=> [{:command " redis-server"
     :id "13c274fc67e6"
     :image "redis:alpine"
     :names ["friendly_einstein"]
     :ports [{:ip nil :private 6379 :public 0 :type :tcp}]
     :state :running
     :status "Up 34 seconds"}
    {:command "echo hello"
     :id "9a9ce5dc847c"
     :image "busybox:musl"
     :names ["festive_lovelace"]
     :ports []
     :state :created
     :status "Created"}]

Starting a container

(docker/start conn "name or id")
=> "13c274fc67e6"

Stopping a container

(docker/stop conn "name or id")
=> "13c274fc67e6"

Killing a container

(docker/kill conn "name or id")
=> "13c274fc67e6"

Restarting a container

(docker/restart conn "name or id")
=> "13c274fc67e6"

Pausing a container

(docker/pause conn "name or id")
=> "13c274fc67e6"

Un-pausing a container

(docker/un-pause conn "name or id")
=> "13c274fc67e6"

Waiting for a container to exit

(docker/wait-container conn "name or id")
=> 0 ; Normal exit

(docker/wait-container conn "name or id")
=> 137 ; Abnormal exit

Running from an image directly

(docker/run conn "image" "command" {:env "test"} {8100 8000}) ; Waits for container exit
=> "13c274fc67e6" ; after exit...

(docker/run conn "image" "command" {:env "test"} {8100 8000} true) ; Detached, returns immediately
=> "13c274fc67e6" ; immediately

Lazily getting logs from a container

(docker/logs conn "name or id")
=> ("line 1" "line 2" ...)
; Drop first 10 lines and take at most 30 lines from it
(->> (docker/logs conn "name or id")
     (drop 10)
     (take 30))
=> ("line 11" "line 12" ...)

Getting the current container state

(docker/container-state conn "name or id")
=> {:error ""
    :exit-code 0
    :finished-at #inst "2018-11-20T20:41:46.904-00:00"
    :oom-killed? false
    :paused false
    :pid 0
    :restarting? false
    :running? false
    :started-at #inst "2018-11-20T20:41:46.813-00:00"
    :status :exited}

Removing a container

(docker/rm conn "id or name") ; Remove non-running container
=> "00873a15ef06"

(docker/rm conn "id or name" true) ; Force remove non-running container
=> "00873a15ef06"

Network Handling

Creating a new network

(docker/network-create conn "sky-net")
=> "sky-net"

(docker/network-create conn "sky-net" true true) ; Check for duplicates and is attachable.
=> "sky-net"

List all networks

(docker/network-ls conn)
=> ({:name "sky-net", :id "408ead00892d", :scope "local", :driver "bridge"}
    {:name "none", :id "3b2b15102d2d", :scope "local", :driver "null"}
    {:name "bridge", :id "eb4287b6fe7e", :scope "local", :driver "bridge"}
    {:name "host", :id "4e4c79263e3f", :scope "local", :driver "host"})

Connect a container to a network

(docker/network-connect "sky-net" "container id")
=> "13c274fc67e6"

Disconnect a container from a network

(docker/network-disconnect "sky-net" "container id")
=> "13c274fc67e6"

Remove a network

(docker/network-rm "sky-net")
=> "sky-net"