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Litecoin Cash ethereum token (LTCH) is an innovative cryptocurrency. A form of ethereum blockchain (erc20) , enhanced and further developed version, instant and secure payments as well as anonymous transactions. Litecoin Cash has great potential for rapid growth and expansion. It is accessible to everyone; it ensures a fair and stable return of investments .

Token Definition :

Token name : Litecoin Cash

Token Symbol : LTCH

Token Address : 0x22945dec52d5fcbf5b305e84b55d13f6b7968fb0

Decimals : 18

Total Supply : 55 000 000 LTCH


Protection of privacy by applying high secured technologies reducing the cost of transfer giving the users all what they need to be satisfied. LTCH empowers security, scale and coding flexibility on a business focused blockchain platform. The LTCH team will launch LTCH, Inc., as a commercial entity to provide an array of products and services to the community. LTCH team will create a specifoc platform to manipulate exchanges/trading of our token LTCH. Our vision supports areas of the market that are�underserved with strong demand and projected growth in the blockchain industry ($300M by 2019 ) . LTCH platform will support these needs.

Website :

Contact :

Twitter :

Telegram :

Whitepaper & Roadmap :

Litecoin Cash Token Distribution

Founders & Developers 10,000,000 LTCH 18.00%

Airdrop 39,000,000 LTCH 72.00%

Reserver for exchanges 6,000,000 LTCH 10.00%