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2D game server and client
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lykan is a 2D, online, role playing game server written in Elixir using the lkn game engine. It is a work in progress and there is not much to see.

Getting Started

Compiling From Source

The lykan codebase is currently hosted on Github.

mkdir lkn/
cd lkn
git clone

lykan uses the upstream versions of lkn-repo and lkn-physics, so you need to clone these repositories too.

cd ..
git clone
git clone
cd lykan

If everything went fine, you are good to go:

cd lykand
mix deps.get
mix compile

Setting Up Databases

The lykan_repo library is responsible for correctly setting up the databases and provided the related Elixir functions to manipulate them. The only thing it requires is a user (lykan_dev in dev mode) with enough privileges to create databases, tables and users.

cd lykan-repo
mix deps.get
mix ecto.create
mix ecto.migrate

Currently, this is not used.

Compiling From Source

The lykan repository brings a file called lykan.json. You can see it as some sort of “game project”, as lykan is still pretty generic. The :lykan application will try to read lykan.json at startup, so this file needs to be readable by the application. You can set the full path to this file as the environment variable LYKAN_CONFIG_FILE

Once it is done, you can start the daemon:

cd lykand
iex -S mix

You will then need to build the client application and serve it. Here is how to achieve this for development purpose:

cd client
npm install
npm run start:dev

It will compile the JavaScript client and open a browser with client.html, connecting you to the game, and letting you “play.”

Note that the current plan is to implement a native client in Lisp (because why not?). The project is called lykanc.

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