Intel Edison based video game console playing Doom
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Intel Edison based video game console playing Doom

For information on the project and how to build the hardware to run this, visit

Build instructions

This directory contains an Eclipse project that can be imported into Eclipse via the menu option File/Import/General/Existing Projects into Workspace.

For the full build environment for the Intel Edison, use the Eclipse version from the Intel's IoT Developer Kit 1.1

After import, create a new Debug configuration for the project using the Edison connection you've set up in the Remote System Explorer and run.

You will need a WAD file (the game data) from Doom to run it. One option is to download the shareware version of Doom from Then run the installer in DOS, eg via DOSBox. Copy the resulting doom1.wad file to the Edison. Doom searches the home directory /home/root for WAD files, so just put it there. Make sure the filename is all lower case, it might be upper case when copying from DOS.

Further information

Visit the project website at for more details.