Deploy 22 different frameworks & applications to the OpenShift Express Cloud with a single command.
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OpenShift Quickstarter

Deploy a variety of applications to the OpenShift cloud with a single command.

Usage: ./openshift-quickstarter LOGIN DOMAIN APPNAME QUICKSTART

      LOGIN: Your OpenShift username
     DOMAIN: Your OpenShift domain
    APPNAME: The name of your application
 QUICKSTART: The type of application to create

Supported quickstarts:

[ Frameworks ]
  * pyramid - A fast, minimal, well-tested Python web framework
  * cornice - Cornice provides helpers to build & document Web Services with Pyramid
  * turbogears2 - Front-to-back Python web development megaframework
  * django - A high-level Python Web framework
  * flask - A lightweight Python microframework
  * rails - A comprehensive Ruby web-application framework
  * cakephp - A rapid development PHP framework
  * seambooking - Seam is a platform for building rich webapps in Java
  * dancer -  A micro web application framework for Perl
  * sinatra - A DSL for creating web applications in Ruby

[ Applications ]
  * drupal - A content-management platform
  * wordpress - Blog tool and publishing platform
  * mediawiki - A wiki engine
  * frogcms - A content-management system written in PHP
  * wolfcms - A PHP-based, easily extended content-management system
  * reviewboard - A web-based code review tool
  * pyblosxom - A lightweight file-based weblog system
  * sqlbuddy - Web based MySQL administration
  * piwik - Open source web analytics
  * sugarcrm - Open source business & social CRM software
  * tweetstream - A realtime Twitter aggregator
  * joomla - A dynamic portal engine and content management system
  * phpbb - A free flat-forum bulletin board