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Code for editing decrypted Disgaea 2 saves
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Disgaea 2 Save Editor
Code for editing decrypted Disgaea 2 PSP save games.
(c) Copyright Luke Mcildoon 2009, licenced under the MIT licence.

Now usable in beta at
Sample save game in repo at

Make specialist and weapon skills editable
Make all strings editable
Further documentation and reverse-engineering of game structures
Better front-end for examining unknown values
Overall appearance improved, with sprites added, general UI design, etc.
Howtos and tutorials

Lots of love to the guys here who already documented quite a bit of the PS2 save format:

Do note you need DECRYPTED saves, made available using the CFW plugin SGDeemer. Saves from an unmodified PSP will not work. I'm planning to add encryption/decryption code later, but for now you'll have to do it yourself.

Developer/hacker info follows

Really only disassembles through script/console for now, use this as a starting point:
s =

Includes a useful comparison class for comparing unknown blocks of structures.
Example, comparing the first 5 character's unknown04 blocks, displaying them as int16s

characters =
compare =*characters[0...5]) = [:unknown04,:as_int16]

Gives output like the following:

0	2048	1536	0	3072	2304
1	3604	3602	0	2060	3341
2	1552	2318	0	3598	2317
3	778	  4108	0	1539	3337
4	2048	1536	0	3072	2304
5	3604	3602	0	2060	3341
6	1552	2318	0	3598	2317
7	778	  4108	0	1539	3337

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