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Coloured Petri Nets: Modelling and Validation of Concurrent Systems

Welcome to the homepage of the CPN Book

Springer, July 2009

Available via: Springer


Kurt Jensen Lars Michael Kristensen
Department of Computer Science Department of Computing
Aarhus University, Denmark Western Norway University of Applied Sciences


Coloured Petri Nets (CP-nets or CPNs) is a language for modelling and validation of concurrent and distributed systems and other systems in which concurrency, synchronisation, and communication plays a major role. The CPN textbook introduces the constructs of the CPN modelling language and explains how CPN models facilitate simulation, state space analysis, behavioural visualisation, and simulation-based performance analysis. It provides a comprehensive road map to the practical use of CP-nets including a presentation of selected industrial case studies illustrating the use of CPN modelling and validation for design, specification, simulation, and verification in a variety of application domains.

Book resources

This website contains supplementary material for the textbook, including slides sets, CPN models, and suggestions for smaller projects.

CPN Course

Material for the course on Coloured Petri Nets developed for the Petri Nets Course of the annual Petri Nets conferences are available from here:

Software tool support

The CPN modelling language is supported by the computer tool CPN Tools

CPN Tools is available free of charge.