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C transpiler backend and optimizer
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2C-Backend is a simple and lightweight C transpiler backend written in D.
2C-Optimizer is an overly complex AST optimizer based on the 2C-Backend API.

Currently, the backend only supports a subset of C99, but full compliance is to be expected soon.
Plus it is optimistic and quite unsafe: it expects you to not mess with the API, meaning you can easily make it emit illegal code.
But thanks to the simple C syntax, it would be easy to port the project to other languages, such as ones that don't have a default optimizer.

What is planned:

  • Full C99 Support
  • Safer API with more checks
  • CTFE Engine
  • JS Backend

Currently, only simple expressions are evaluated by the optimizer.
A CTFE - Compile-Time Function Execution - Engine will allow for full interpretation of pure functions.
Lastly and less importantly, but as mentioned, I will maybe make it target more platforms, such as JS, PHP, C++, etc..

To have a full toolchain, I'll write some frontends, surely for C and a Lisp dialect.

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