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Mezmo (formerly LogDNA), Inc

Supercharge Observability With Mezmo Telemetry Pipeline

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  1. logdna-agent logdna-agent Public

    LogDNA Agent streams from log files to your LogDNA account. Works with Linux, Windows, and macOS Servers

    JavaScript 137 65

  2. nodejs nodejs Public archive

    Node.js library for logging to LogDNA

    JavaScript 74 66

  3. logdna-agent-v2 logdna-agent-v2 Public

    The blazingly fast, resource efficient log collection client

    Rust 60 50

  4. python python Public

    A python package for sending logs to LogDNA

    Python 45 92

  5. logger-node logger-node Public

    A nodejs logger client for LogDNA

    JavaScript 34 17

  6. tail-file-node tail-file-node Public

    A node.js version of unix's "tail -f" command

    Shell 31 10


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