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A python wrapper used to hit the Loggly. API

For more information on Hoover see


With this git repo: cd /hoover sudo python install

Easy Install: $easy_install -U hoover


##Using Hoover

Enter your credentials in hoover.LogglySession after importing:

import hoover
i = hoover.LogglySession('<subdomain>','<username>','<password>')'apache2 error', starttime='NOW-2DAYS', format='csv')'json.priority:err', starttime='NOW-15MINUTES') #Defaults to json if format is left out

##Search Properties

For more details on using search within Loggly check out

Property Description
rows Number of rows returned by your query. Defaults to 10.
start Offset for starting row. Defaults to 0.
starttime Start time for the search. Defaults to NOW-24HOURS.
endtime End time for the search. Defaults to NOW.
order Direction of results returned, either 'asc' or 'desc'. Defaults to 'desc'.
callback JSONP callback to receive a JSONP response.
format Output format, either 'json', 'xml', or 'text'. Defaults to 'json'
fields Which fields should be output. One or more of the following separated by commas: 'id', 'timestamp', 'ip', 'inputname', 'text'.

##More Functions

Function Description
*.config_inputs() Configures each input in your loggly account, register a python logger with the input's name logging to the input.
*.create_input() Creates a new input on your loggly account.
*.facets() Thin wrapper on Loggly's facet search API. facetby can be input, ip, or date
*.http_inputs() Lists all http inputs
*.search() See above "Search Properties"
*.inputs Lists all inputs


Created and maintained by Mike Blume

If you have questions contact


Simple library for logging to Loggly



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