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Go package for building plugins and Go Smart Contracts for Loom DAppChains
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go-loom Build Status

Go package for building Go Smart Contracts for the Loom SDK

This package is also used for building Clients to DAppChains in the Loom SDK.

The code that runs the actual DAppChain(sidechain) is in a different repository.


  • Go 1.9+
  • Mac or Linux (Windows support coming in June)


go get


The example smart contracts can be built with:

make deps

If you want the ethereum examples, use

make evm

instead of make. However you need the go-ethereum package.

To run the blockchain with the Samples

Note Loom binary is only available to beta testers right now

# init the blockchain
./loom init
# Copy over example genesis
cp genesis.example.json genesis.json
# run the node
./loom run


  1. go get or clone the repo into your desired GOPATH.
  2. Install deps
    make deps

Generating protobufs

make proto

running tests

make test
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