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Hello đź‘‹

Welcome to the loophp organisation !

The loophp organisation aim at providing free and opensource quality software for users.

For any enquiry, please contact @drupol via


  1. collection collection Public

    A (memory) friendly, easy, lazy and modular collection class.

    PHP 704 35

  2. phptree phptree Public

    An implementation of tree data structure

    PHP 86 4

  3. combinator combinator Public

    A curated list of combinators

    PHP 96 2

  4. psr17 psr17 Public

    Provides a PSR17 synthetic implementation.


  5. repository-monadic-helper repository-monadic-helper Public

    Monadic Doctrine repositories helper classes and services.

    PHP 11

  6. nix-shell nix-shell Public

    Nix shells for PHP development

    Nix 130 8


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