Apple MacBook Pro TouchBar (NSTouchBar) Cheatsheet and Swift examples
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Apple MacBook Pro TouchBar (NSTouchBar) Cheat Sheet

How to enable the TouchBar simulator

To enable the TouchBar simulator you need Xcode Version 8.1 (8B62) and macOS 10.12.1 build 12B2657. You can update Xcode via AppStore. To check your macOS build type in your Terminal

$ sw_vers
ProductName:	Mac OS X
ProductVersion:	10.12.1
BuildVersion:	16B265

If you are running the previous build of 10.12.1 (16B2555), you have to manually update from Apple Support:

Assumed you did the previous steps, open Xcode and the Window menu should look like

schermata 2016-10-31 alle 19 56 51

so you should see the Show Touch Bar option just after the Organizer option.

The TouchBar Cheat Sheet


Launch the Touch Bar simulator programmatically

The TouchBarLauncher Xcode program in Swift, let you run the Touch Bar simulator programmatically and it's very handy. Made by Sash Zats it uses the simulator host window controller IDETouchBarSimulatorHostWindowController to leverage the TouchBar.

Touch Bar integrations


NSTouchbar class

The NSTouchbar is an object that provides dynamic contextual controls in the Touch Bar of supported models of MacBook Pro.

The NSTouchbar Class Diagram touchbarclass

Touchbar Examples API

Touchbar Tools

  • TouchBarScreenshotter, easily snap screenshots of the currently presented Touch Bar in macOS
  • TouchBarDemoApp, Allows you to use your macOS Touch Bar from an iPad (through USB connection) or on-screen by pressing the Fn-key.

Touchbar Example Apps

Touchbar Games (!)

Touchbar Tutorials