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  1. LowlaDB is a JSON database with built-in mobile sync and a MongoDB-like API. It's designed to integrate easily with today’s web databases e.g. MongoDB and popular MVC frameworks e.g. AngularJS.

    JavaScript 23 2

  2. lowladb-node Public archive

    LowlaDB sync server for Node

    JavaScript 4

  3. lowladb-cordova Public archive

    Cordova plugin for LowlaDB

    JavaScript 4 4

  4. lowladb-demo-node Public archive

    A simple TODO app demonstrating LowlaDB sync and offline data

    JavaScript 3 1

  5. lowladb-node-mongo Public archive

    A MongoDB Datastore for LowlaDB on Node

    JavaScript 3

  6. lowladb-angular Public archive

    An AngularJS integration for LowlaDB

    JavaScript 3


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