Family feud meets prediction markets meets tendermint
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The internet gave everyone a voice. The blockchain gives everyone the economic incentive to use them.

Tenderfeud is a project built for the Crypto 4 Your Thoughts in SF. For more details on our submission, see here.

Background 💡

Tenderfeud was built out of our fascination with the blockchain's ability to empower voices with economic incentives.

It's a poll system with token-incentivized voting

image of voting

System design

The application consists of a vue.js/node.js frontend living in frontend/ and a lotionjs/tendermint blockchain app (runs a single validator node) living in lotion_app.

The project is currently configured expecting the frontend and the validator node to live on the same machine, but it's pretty straightforward to extend to a cluster of tendermint validators creating the blockchain and a webserver that interacts with any of them via TCP.

image of lotionjs

Mechanism design 💰

Genesis block distributes tokens among some number of people.

From that point, users can either create a poll, view existing polls, or submit a vote for an existing poll. Creating a poll is expensive and the tokens spent on that poll are lost.

Rather than picking the best answer, users are incentivized to pick the answer they think others picked. This (should) result in a Keynesian beauty contest among poll answers.

This is done by rewarding only those voters who voted on the answer with the most votes. The reward is set by the poll creator and deducted from the creator's balance. If multiple answers are tied for votes, the poll is invalidated and the creator gets his/her tokens back.

To avoid the problem of degenerate 'bandwagoning', the poll payout is distributed on an exponential based on vote order (i.e. early votes get more).

To avoid the degenerate case of only one answer, we can set polls up to have a minimum number of answers. If this minimum isn't met by the time the poll ends, the poll creator is refunded their payment. image of auth

Development Notes 🔧

To run locally,

cd lotion_app

npm i

node index.js

cd ..

cd frontend

npm i

npm run dev

Open a browser to localhost:3000