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slapd-cli Update version (fixes #16) Jan 7, 2019
slapd-cli.conf Add SLAPCAT_PARAMS to be able to disable LDIF wrapping in backup Oct 23, 2018
slapd.service remove useless restart target in systemd script Sep 3, 2018

OpenLDAP init script


The init script slapd provide start, stop and other commands for OpenLDAP daemon. It requires:

  • Logger, to forward messages to syslog
  • Awk, for regular expression management
  • BerkeleyDB, for recover and archive tools
  • OpenLDAP, for save, index, … tools

Configuration of this script can be done in an external file, with the same name as the init script in /etc/default.

A backup feature allows to save all data or configuration in an LDIF file, compressed or not. The restore feature import the last backup in the directory.





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