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Atomic Plugins Share

This repo contains Share APIs designed using the Atomic Plugins paradigm. The API is available in JavaScript and we plan to add more languagues in the future:

You can contribute and help to create more awesome plugins.

About Atomic Plugins

Atomic Plugins provide an elegant and minimalist API and are designed with portability in mind from the beginning. Framework dependencies are avoided by design so the plugins can run on any platform and can be integrated with any app framework or game engine.

Provided APIs

JavaScript API:

API Reference

See API Documentation


Cocoon.Share class provides an easy to use API that can be used with different OSs.

Setup your project

Releases are deployed to Cordova Plugin Registry. You only have to install the desired plugins using Cordova CLI, CocoonJS CLI or Ludei's Cloud Server.

cordova plugin add cocoon-plugin-share;

The following JavaScript file is included automatically:



            message: "I have scored more points on Flappy Submarine!! Chooo choooo",
            image: ""
        }, function(activity, completed, error){
            console.log("Share " + completed ? 'Ok' : 'Failed');


Mozilla Public License, version 2.0

Copyright (c) 2015 Ludei

See MPL 2.0 License