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Kubernetes in Action, 2nd Edition

This repository contains all the code (and some additional files) from the Kubernetes in Action, 2nd Edition book.

Purchasing the book

The book hasn't been published yet, but is available through the Manning early-access program. You can take a quick look online or purchase the book at Use code au35luk to get a 35% discount.

Exploring the code archive

The code archive is organized per chapter. You'll find a description of the files by following the links below.

Part I: First time on a boat: Introduction to Kubernetes

1) Introducing Kubernetes (no code files)

2) Understanding containers

3) Deploying your first application

Part II: Learning the ropes: Kubernetes API objects

4) Introducing Kubernetes API objects (no code files)

5) Running workloads in Pods

6) Managing the Pod lifecycle

7) Attaching storage volumes to Pods

8) Persisting data in PersistentVolumes

9) Configuration via ConfigMaps, Secrets, and the Downward API

10) Organizing objects using Namespaces and Labels

11) Exposing Pods with Services

12) Exposing services with Ingress

13) Replicating Pods with ReplicaSets

14) Managing Pods with Deployments

15) Deploying stateful workloads with StatefulSets


If you'd like to contribute a code improvement or a bug fix, please submit a pull request in this GitHub repository. Note that some files are intentionally incomplete and may even contain intentional errors for demonstration purposes.