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Xiki plugin for Sublime Text 2


  • cmd+enter: run or collapse the highlighted command/menu.
  • cmd+shift+enter: run the current command, and place the cursor after the output.
    • If used on a directory or file, will indent to the subdirectory level and create a command prompt ($)
    • If used on a command prompt, will maintain the current indentation and create a prompt ($$ or $)

Useful SublimeXiki commands:

  • / or ~: start a directory transversal tree.
    • ~ starts at your home directory
    • You can also type a more complete path like /path/to/dir or ~/path
  • $: run a command directly (does not invoke a shell)
  • $$: run a command using your default shell (allows pipes, redirection, logic, etc)

Useful Xiki commands:

  • docs
  • mysql
  • mongo