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matrix <=> discord moderation with the power of matrix-appservice-discord


graim's website is viewable at You can join the graim Matrix space as well as the Discord server. *the main matrix room is @


Check out the configuration guide.


  • Bug fixing
  • Better guides


  • moderation syncs across rooms
  • Kick, ban + unban
  • Mute
  • Strike system
  • Automatically attribute moderation history to graimdb
  • Discord moderators may use whosent to discover what matrix user is behind a Discord message
  • Userinfo command
  • Database management commands (add/remove user, add/remove moderator)


graim is built with the intention of being Matrix-first. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Discord API sucks
  • Discord webhooks have incredibly little data attributed to them
  • I <3 Matrix

Every Discord user, via matrix-appservice-discord, is given its own user (i.e. @_discord_<discord_id> So, graim listens for commands only from Matrix users - because Discord users are Matrix users by proxy. Simply tie a server to a group of rooms, then tie each Matrix user to a Discord account packaged in one "graim user" :D


The bot itself - luphoria

Any other contributors

Built with major help from turt2live/matrix-bot-sdk-bot-template by Travis Ralston

Uses the dependencies:

Special thanks: