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Saka Key

Saka Key is a Chrome and Firefox extension for keyboard-only web browsing. It's configurable, easy to use, and engineered thoughtfully. Install it from the Chrome Web Store or the Firefox Marketplace. Also read the Saka Key Handbook and try the accompanying tab search extension Saka.

Saka Key Preview


Follow the Development Setup Guide for detailed instructions. Otherwise:

git clone
cd saka-key
npm install
# Option 1. Chrome development build
npm run start:chrome
# Option 2. Chrome production build
npm run build:chrome
# Option 3. Firefox development build
npm run start:firefox
# Option 4. Firefox production build
npm run build:firefox


MIT Licensed, Copyright (c) 2018 Sufyan Dawoodjee, Neil Macintyre, Brandon Kalinowski

Saka Key is inspired by and derives from

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