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Plug n Play Braille Keyboard for your smartphone
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Plug n Play Braille Keyboard for your smartphone

What is available?

  1. Arduino Firmware for a USB keyboard using atmega32u4
  2. Eagle CAD board files to print the PCB


  1. Remove bt ezkey module and get the arduino micro to type stuff onto notepad using 2 or 3 buttons - Done

  2. Repeat with USBOTG and make sure phone responds - Done

  3. Connect 8 keys to micro on breadboard in matrix or parallel layout to verify all peri electronics - Done

  4. Dump Leonardo bootloader to wild Atmega32u4 Chip - Done

  5. Breadboard standalone chip with external oscillator,caps,resistors etc - Skipped like a bawz

  6. Design / Fab pcb and test with phone - Done

  7. CAD Case

  8. Print case

  9. Give board to visually impared peeps & get feedback

  10. Brailler Trainer app

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