GLFW binding for Duktape
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GLFW binding for Duktape

Build Status

Binding of the OpenGL GLFW API for the Duktape Javascript engine.

To use the binding just include duk_glfw.c and duk_glfw.h into your project and call dukopen_glfw to load the module.

#include "duk_glfw.h"

int main() {

  // Create Duktape heap...

  // Load the module
  duk_push_c_function(ctx, dukopen_glfw, 0);
  duk_call(ctx, 0);
  duk_put_global_string(ctx, "glfw");


Now you can call GLFW functions from Javascript using the glfw global object.

  var window = glfw.createWindow(480, 320, 'my(window');

See tests/glfw.js for more examples.

 Build the tests

The CMake script will download both GLFW and Duktape before building the tests.

mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..


MIT License