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A SDMMC driver replacement for Nintendo's Filesystem Services.
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A SDMMC driver replacement for Nintendo's Filesystem Services, by m4xw

Supported Horizon Versions

1.0.0 - 8.1.0


  • Arbitrary SDMMC backend selection
    This allows loading eMMC from SD or even SD from eMMC
  • On the fly hooking / patching, fully self-infesting
    Only one payload required for all versions!
  • File-based SDMMC backend support (from SD)
    This allows loading eMMC images from hekate-backups (split or not)
  • SDMMC device based sector offset (currently eMMC only)
    Raw partition support for eMMC from SD with less performance overhead
  • Full support for /Nintendo folder redirection to a arbitrary path
    No 8 char length restriction!
  • exosphere based context configuration
    This includes full support for multiple emuMMC images



Run ./ and copy the produced kipm (Kernel Initial Process Modification) file to /bootloader/sys/


Run make, the resulting kip can be used for code injection via fusee (place at /atmosphere/emummc.kip)


emuMMC is released as GPLv2


  • CTCaer - The CTCaer hekate fork, file-based emuMMC support, SDMMC driver fixes among other things
  • SciresM, hexkyz - The Atmosphere project, FS offsets, additional research related to newer FS versions
  • naehrwert - The hekate project, its SDMMC driver and being very helpful in the early research phase
  • jakibaki - KIP Inject PoC, used in the early dev phase
  • switchbrew/devkitPro - devkitA64 and libnx sources
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